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New Fanlisting, New layout, & New codes

Posted Jun 14, 2008. Filed under Character: Ibu Shinji, Character: Naoe Nagi, Song: CAN SEE THE LIGHT.

[+] HEARTBEAT, the fanlisting for Ibu Shinji’s image song CAN SEE THE LIGHT, is now open! Please join if you’re a fan :)

[=] Staccato, the Ibu Shinji fanlisting, has received 6 new link codes.

[=] Dark Innocence, the Naoe Nagi fanlisting, has received a much-needed new layout and 6 new link codes.

New fanlisting, new layouts/codes

Posted Apr 25, 2008. Filed under Collective Updates, Character: Ibu Shinji, Series: RH Plus.

[+] Blood Brothers, the fanlisting for the Jdrama RH Plus, is now open! Application is pending for the manga version.

[=] Staccato, the Ibu Shinji fanlisting, has gotten a much-needed revamp, including a shiny new about page, icons, and 17 new codes.

[x] Pure Rhythm has a new layout, and is now skinnable simply because the previous layout was only up for like two weeks and I really liked it. The new layout is up for Lia’s Shoujo Beat Layout Marathon. Signups end on April 30th, so if you’re interested in joining, please do!

I thought this image was really cute, and the pink/yellow fits with the season. Also, adoration for the Hitachiin’s and Haruhi ;o; . . . it may or may not be obvious I was listening to Super Junior’s Miracle (Super Junior-M’s version) while coding this thing >>;;;;