Past Layouts

I like to archive old layouts of things, mostly because I like to see how much I've grown as a designer and code-monkey over the years. Looking at the HTML for older ones makes me cringe with how badly put together they are XD. Clicking a thumbnail will take you to a full screenshot (1280x1024).

Version 1 :: Quiet Strength

Version 1

Version one was a regular div layout featuring an image of Shinji from a pencil board. This was back when The Anime Fanlistings did not exist and everything was still on The Fanlistings. I think it looks pretty lame now, but I really liked it at the time. x3

Version 2 :: Staccato

Version 2

Version 2 was a iframe layout featuring images of Shinji from the manga. I'm trying to step away from frames/iframe layouts, so this one had to go. I like it, but eeeehh. Frames! This version gave the fanlisitng its new name. This is the most recent past layout.